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Series, Parallel, Matrix, and Multi-Channel LED Driver Configurations

For each configuration, this guide includes a diagram, a description of basic operation, as well as advantages, disadvantages, failure modes, and design options for each.

A typical LED lamp consists of many 1 to 2W LEDs operating together. There are a variety of configurations for powering these LEDs. This application note discusses a variety of these configurations. For each configuration a diagram is presented along with a description of basic operation and a discussion of the various advantages and disadvantages. In addition, there is a brief description of what happens if a single LED fails either open or short. For reference, the most common failure mode for LEDs is to fail short.

LED Lighting Power Management: Energy Star Requirements (Feb 2009)

Article on LED Lighting Power Management: Energy Star Requirements and LED power supply design for solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires.

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