About Astrodyne

Founded in 1994, Astrodyne is a global developer and manufacturer of power conversion solutions that protect and enhance peoples’ lives, with a focus on advanced Medical, Military, Aerospace, and Industrial applications worldwide. Our products are found in some of the most demanding situations – from life-saving heart assist devices, to missile systems, to ruggedized satellite communication systems, to sensitive test and analytical systems. Our headquarters are in Mansfield, MA.

Our advanced product design centers are located in Fremont, CA, Elizabeth, NJ, and Taipei, Taiwan. Led by leading power supply industry veterans, our design teams utilize state-of-the-art technologies to provide unique solutions to difficult power conversion requirements. All units are approved or designed to meet or exceed Worldwide Safety and EMI specifications.

Our wholly-owned advanced manufacturing facilities in Elizabeth, NJ and Shanghai, China focus on low to medium volume, high-complexity power supply manufacturing. Both facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The two facilities share common capabilities, allowing for redundant manufacture and flexibility for customers worldwide.

The global Astrodyne team invites you to experience our commitment to honesty, integrity, professionalism in the fulfillment of our commitments, and our passion for meeting customer expectations and continuous performance improvements.


AC/DC power supplies, AC/DC adapters, DC/DC Converters, Hi Reliability Power Converters, LED Drivers, Linear Transformers, Medical Power Supplies, COTS Power Supplies, Ultra Low Leakage Power Supplies, Medical Isolation Transformers

Product Reliability And Quality Control

All products are 100% burned-in for reliability and ATE tested to assure compliance to all specifications. Our quality engineers continuously monitor all phases of manufacturing and test to assure that all products meet or exceed all performance specifications and safety standards.

Knowledgeable Technical Support

Astrodyne’s experienced technical support engineers stand ready to answer any question concerning an Astrodyne product, from performance specifications to applicable safety standards. With industry-leading phone and instant online technical support, our engineers excel at delivering Rapid Resolutions… engineered solutions in response to each customer’s unique power requirements. They will help you select the appropriate product for your application that meets both your performance and price criteria.

Full Safety Agency Certifications

Astrodyne products meet or exceed Worldwide Safety and EMI specifications and all products carry full safety certifications. Copies of product safety certificates may be obtained by contacting our Technical Support group.


Company History

  • 1994 – Astrodyne founded in MA by Industry Veterans – the company’s original focus was on catalog sales of power supplies
  • 2000 – Taiwan Design Center Opened – Astrodyne began to develop its own line of innovative AC/DC and DC/DC products
  • 2007 – Shanghai, China Manufacturing Facility Opened – the company opened its wholly-owned manufacturing facility to produce its designed products
  • 2008 – Private Equity Investment Led by Audax Group – The Boston-based Private Equity firm took a controlling stake and increased the emphasis on product development, manufacturing improvement, and growth through strategic acquisitions
  • 2010 – Acquired RO Associates (CA) Product Line – the company purchased this ground-breaking ruggedized AC/DC and DC/DC products company, based in Fremont, CA to increase our participation in high-reliability Mil/Aero applications
  • 2011 – Acquired Jerome Industries (NJ) – Jerome is a pioneer in ultra-low current leakage power supplies and external adapters used in critical Medical applications and other uses. Astrodyne’s puchase of the Jerome Industries business provided a significant increase in medical market focus and a solid US manufacturing base
  • 2013 – Acquired Radius Power & LCR Electronics – In December of 2013, Astrodyne created one of the largest and most capable EMI/EMC Filter businesses by purchasing and integrating Radius Power, Inc. of Yorba Linda, CA, and LCR Electronics, Inc. of Norristown, PA and Kunshan, China. Astrodyne now has a unique combination of power supplies and EMI filters for critical applications worldwide.
  • 2014 – Acquired Filter Electronics - The combination of Astrodyne’s power conversion products with our EMI filters and electronic control products gives Astrodyne a broader basket of specialized power solutions for our customers. Power supplies and filters are often designed concurrently, and we are unique in our ability to provide standard and customized solutions for both challenges.

About LCR Electronics

About LCR Electronics

LCR Electronics was founded in 1985 by engineer and entrepreneur Nissen Isakov, focusing initially on EMI Filters....

About Radius Power

Radius Power was founded in 1999 by entrepreneurs Ken Ogden and Bob Singh. As veterans of the EMI filter industry, Bob and Ken know the challenges presented by EMI issues in many different end devices from semiconductor manufacturing to telecommunications. Their innovative designs and focus on development, testing, and service have led to very successful growth in demanding applications. To learn more about Radius Power, please go to www.radiuspower.com  or call 1-714-289-0055. Radius Power is a global manufacturer of EMI/EMC/RFI Power Line Filters that reduce harmful interference generated by today’s high frequency switching technologies, improving power quality and overall system efficiency and operation. Our extensive range of standard products and custom capabilities enable the widespread use of energy-efficient technologies in applications such as: motor controls, renewable energy (Solar & Wind), medical, telecommunications, transportation (rail & automotive) and military. Radius Power has the expertise and global network for the design, manufacture and delivery of EMI/EMC power line filters and solutions to comply with today’s high demands for time to market and cost optimization. Standard and Custom EMI Filter Solutions At Radius Power, our extensive line of standard and custom EMI Filters address all disciplines from DC EMI Filters to Single Phase and Three Phase EMI Filters. For Medical Applications , our entire IEC Inlet/PEM, single phase and three phase EMI filters are available as Medical Grade EMI Filters to comply with all low-leakage current requirements for medical equipment. Our Telecom EMI Filters encompass all AC/DC power networks and are designed to meet all applicable standards such as NEBS, CE, etc. Our COTS line of standard and custom Military EMI Filters  provides solutions for MIL-STD-461, DO-160 and Tempest for land, shipboard and airborne environments. Additionally, our Inverter EMI Filters provide cost effective solutions for industrial machinery, VFDs, drives, solar and wind with the best lead times in the industry. Quality Products and Custom Solutions As a global designer and manufacturer of EMI Filters , Radius Power can deliver the right solution on time and on budget. ...

About Jerome Industries

Jerome Industries Corporation Is a USA based provider of Modified, Custom and Standard Power Supplies for the Medical, Industrial and Military markets, and a wholly owned member of the Astrodyne Corporation family. Our specialties include RoHS compliant wall plug-in, desktop and open frame style power adaptors up to 260W consisting of switchmode power supplies, CF low leakage switchmode power supplies, linearmode power supplies, unregulated power supplies, transformers, isolation transformers, NiCad battery chargers, NiMH battery chargers, gel cell battery chargers, military grade power All units are approved or designed to UL, CSA, TUV, VDE, IEC & CE safety specifications including Medical. Other country safety agency approvals exist for some models and others can certainly be obtained on a case by case basis if required. Products that Protect and Enhance Lives Our low leakage , medical-grade power supplies are designed specifically to meet the most demanding Patient and Operator contact applications, and most meet the IEC 60601 3rd Edition certification. That's why the leading medical device OEMs select our products to safely and reliably power artificial hearts, Left Ventricle Assist Devices (LVAD), ventilators, infusion pumps, oxygen concentrators, and surgical devices. ISO9001-2008 and ISO13485 Quality Assurance Our quality system is able to guarantee the highest level of product quality and specification compliance. Our in-house safety compliance lab can test to most safety standards, domestic or international. Our lab is third party certified to give you that extra feeling of confidence in our test results. Production testing using computerized test equipment allows us to give you 100% data access to your power supply production run in either hard copy or email format. Custom Designs If one of our standard designs can not be modified to be used in your application we can design and produce to meet your individual needs. We understand how to make rugged, reliable power supplies that will survive in today’s demanding markets. Our Engineering staff will work with you to come up with the most cost effective custom solution for your requirements.  ...

About RO Associates

Astrodyne Corporation's RO brand A pioneer in the development and manufacture of module-based power conversion solutions, needed in some of the most demanding Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial applications worldwide. The specialty of the RO brand  products is compact, high-power DC-DC and AC-DC converters with industry-leading power density, harsh environment operation,  and a unique approach to thermal management, leading to industry-leading performance in tough applications. Products that Protect and Enhance Lives Our products are specially designed to perform flawlessly in the most demanding Aerospace and Defense applications, and our reputation for unique design and reliability make us the clear choice of leading OEMs worldwide. ISO9001-2008 Quality Assurance All manufacturing is performed at an ISO 9001:2008 registered facility. Custom Designs If one of our standard designs can not be modified to be used in your application we can design and produce to meet your individual needs. We understand how to make rugged, reliable power supplies that will survive in today’s demanding markets. Our Engineering staff will work with you to come up with the most cost effective custom solution for your requirements.  ...

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